Class Dojo

At Hill View, our school is built around community, values and working together. We understand the value of partnerships, collaboration and purposeful connections and the positive impact that has on our pupils. We will be encouraging positive skills, like perseverance and teamwork, with ClassDojo. ClassDojo supports us in delivering a positive culture where whether in the classroom or remotely, pupils feel like part of our classroom community. All families will be able to see what we are learning and be part of moving the learning further. Parents are able to use any device, iOS or Android as well as their computer to connect. They can read all Class Story posts and direct messages in their preferred language instantly, with automatic text translations in 35+ languages.

Teachers will:

  • Post announcements, files, events, and reminders to our Class Story
  • Share photos and videos of classroom activities, lessons, and more on our Class Story and through Messages 
  • Send private messages to keep you in the loop 
  • Like and leave positive feedback on students’ Portfolios

Pupils will:

  • Share classwork and complete assigned Activities on their Portfolio 
  • Watch and comment on lessons posted to our Class Story and access shared files 
  • Be sure that only their own family members are connected to their account and will be able to view my work

Families will:

  • Like and/or comment on photos, videos, Events, and files shared on Class Story 
  • Like and leave positive feedback on their student’s Portfolio 
  • Communicate with the teacher with private direct messaging 
  • Translate any message or Class Story caption into your preferred language as needed

To Login to Class Dojo click here!

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