Hierarchy of Needs

Our Aims

At Hill View Academy we aim is to create a happy, stimulating and positive environment in which children can thrive and achieve. Hill View’s Hierarchy of Needs shapes our aims for our pupils to ensure every child can reach the best possible outcomes:

We aim to provide a clean, safe, warm and welcoming Academy. We will serve healthy lunches, organise play and support the children whilst they develop and grow at Hill View.

We aim to create an academy where everybody feels safe and welcome. We will create a caring and friendly environment, through restorative practices, that promote learning and reduce negative barriers.

We aim to build positive relationships where children build and gain trust. By building friendships, we will help the children to learn about respect for themselves and others.

We aim to create an academy built on encouragement and mutual respect. We will support the children with positive reinforcement to help them develop life skills and set ambitious goals so they are proud of themselves and their abilities.

We aim to develop learners who achieve academically and socially. We want the children to be resilient problem solvers and good team workers. We will develop the children’s interests, creativity along with an acceptance and understanding of diversity.

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